Technology for Social Justice


Ricky & Norman's Mother's Day Gift Idea

Need a gift idea for Mother's Day? Ricky & Norman can help you with that. Read our latest installment and learn why sharing is better than cleaning-up a mess. To read this new Google Slides digital story click HERE #carenough #blendlearning #tpoptech

Tech Thursday! Make-Your-Own-Word-Search!

Making your own word searches is the perfect activity for a sunny or rainy spring day! Word Searches are great for learning because they allow children to explore new worlds and meanings. They are great activities for improving spelling and concentration. Letting your child make their own allows them to pick words around their favorite interests! For today's Facebook Live Session, Jesse created a word search called Spring Things which can be found using this link: https://the

Tech Thursday: Creativity and Canva

Not a sponsored post. As an educator, designer, and entrepreneur, I am always thinking about ways to be creative and personalize the content I create. You can't always create a unique design for every customer,, but with the right canvas, you can design work that fits your brand and goals. Canva.com is a fabulous platform for creating content that students and educators can access during this pandemic. From Zoom virtual backgrounds to lesson plans, the templates and graphics

How to Storyboard a Video for YouTube!

Everyone has special talents and knowledge about unique topics. Maybe you play a game really well, or can dance the floss like a pro. YouTube is a great platform for featuring your skills, and helping your viewers learn something new. Before you pick up an iPhone to record or register a YouTube channel, we need to take a step back and plan things out. Why? Because we need to understand "what" and "why" of the video, the steps required to complete the task, and provide a takea