Technology for Social Justice


7 Strategies that Helped my ELL Students

This academic school year I worked as an English language development teacher. I was responsible for helping 1st Gen high school aged students learn English remotely during a pandemic. It was a difficult year but I was determined to find a way to help my high school students find hope, feel successful and learning English. In this video I share 7 classroom practices I implemented in my remote classroom during the 20-21 school year. If you are curious about MTSS, student-tea

Try Something New in your Classroom

Check out Shakeup Learning Currently there is a FREE eBook download of digital choice boards. Not sure what digital choice boards are all about? "Choice boards provide students with flexible learning paths to the learning goal. Every student has different strengths, learning styles, and interests, and choice boards allow us to reach more learners in new and different ways." -Shakeup Learning If you need any help, let me know! #digitalchoiceboards #distancelearning #edtech Che

Who You Be?

Feeling like you belong makes a difference in school and at work. Personally, I've experienced that when I make an effort to learn about my colleagues or students they are open to having new experiences. This year I tried a new activity to get to know my students: Word Clouds. My students created word clouds of who they are so that they can: 1. Reflect on who they are. 2. Learn how to create a word cloud. 3. Learn how to embed their word cloud creation on to their English por