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Ricky & Norman's Mother's Day Gift Idea

Need a gift idea for Mother's Day? Ricky & Norman can help you with that. Read our latest installment and learn why sharing is better than cleaning-up a mess. To read this new Google Slides digital story click HERE #carenough #blendlearning #tpoptech

Universal Standard: Inclusive Fashion

What does it mean to be inclusive? When you think of reading and fashion you do not always make a direct connection to children's books but What Would Fashion Look Like if it Included all of Us by Universal Standard is a great read. What I love about it is that is makes a conscious effort to make fashion inclusive, Meaning it wants people of all shapes, sizes, colors and background to feel welcomed in to the fashion sphere and empowered through fashion and mindset. This chil

It's Time to Iterate High School

Update: Since I wrote this article the school district I work for has closed schools. We are scheduled to return on April 13, 2020. It is time to iterate the traditional high school model. COVID-19 is forcing society to embrace that idea. Actually it is forcing everyone to rethink how we live our lives but that is a topic for another day. The school district I work for has not closed schools and I hope they do before it is too late. I see the stress on my colleague's faces an

Who You Be?

Feeling like you belong makes a difference in school and at work. Personally, I've experienced that when I make an effort to learn about my colleagues or students they are open to having new experiences. This year I tried a new activity to get to know my students: Word Clouds. My students created word clouds of who they are so that they can: 1. Reflect on who they are. 2. Learn how to create a word cloud. 3. Learn how to embed their word cloud creation on to their English por