• Anel Albertao

21st Century Skills

I enjoy teaching. I find it to be a rewarding endeavor.

Currently I am a Technology teacher to middle school and high school students. I love it!

In years past I was an English teacher. I have taught English Language Development (ELD) and the traditional English class where students read Shakespeare and wrote essays. But I have evolved as an educator. Now, when I teach I include technology skills development.

I have learned that I need to include technology skills in my teaching because the jobs of the future require students to be tech savvy. That means they do more than just consume technology. They can produce products with technology.

It may sound strange but you can't just be a consumer in today's world. Think about it, if you want to be someone who can consistently be employed then that empowers you. I call the ability to work with skills that help you create or produce with technology 21st Century Skills.

I believe that 21st Century skills are essential for a society to thrive. Thus, my research will look at how technology can assist in the development of essential skills that the jobs of the future require.

This is personal for me because I have a son. I want him, his cousins, his friends, anyone he ever comes in to contact with and the world he is in to be able to always have a fruitful future.

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