• Anel Albertao

21st Century Teaching is a Career Not a Gig

Teaching in the 21st century thus far has been a roller coaster, especially with COVID-19. Teachers are facing difficult decisions; stay in the profession or leave. It is a very personal decision but I believe there is a middle ground.

You can be an educator in todays world but you need to embrace the BIG TRUTH about teaching:

Teaching is a career, not a gig profession.

Do not go in to teaching if you just want a pay check. It will not work out well.

You need a solution mindset when you are an educator. For example, with COVID-19 grasping every aspect of our lives students need teachers who can adjust to the needs of their classroom, school and community in real time.

Yes, it is exhausting. But being a teacher is a calling. Not a gig.

You want a gig? Door Dash is hiring, Amazon Warehouses are hiring and Walmart is hiring.

Educators are professionals. We study for a long time, take difficult exams to get our teaching credentials and then we must continue to up-skills because our students need to be prepared to meet the demands of the future of work.

If you are in a teaching position that is difficult then I ask you these questions:

1) How are you adjusting to meet the needs in your classroom, your school and your community? 2) How are you infusing education technology to help you, not be you?

3) What is the problem with changing how you manage, teach and help your students?

4) Are you a gatekeeper in your classroom, meaning you allow certain students to learn?

5) Are you a lifeline for your students?

If you would like to connect with me fill out this Google Form and let's have a Chat. I am here to help and help educators find the right teaching position for them.

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