• Anel Albertao

7 Activities that Continue Learning at Home

My son’s school district closed its doors until April 3. So, what will I do to make sure he continues to learn?

I am planning activities that take into account his likes and dislikes, his age and the resources we have at home.

This is what I am doing:

1. Read to him: it helps him develop his reading skills and helps him and I reduce our stress levels

2. Watch PBS kids shows: He loves Odd Squad and it helps him learn math. So why not integrate this show into his daily learning along with actual math practice.

3. Use Legos to practice counting, patterns, and inculcate creative thinking and problem solving.

4. Let him play Games on his Fire Tablet: if you have a laptop, tablet or cellphone use it to help your child continue to learn. There are a lot of free apps for learning such as PBS Kids Games

5. Integrate indoor exercise: Check out Go Noodle for fun exercise for kids. My son loves using Go Noodle. I do too. Exercise helps reduce stress and anxiety for everyone.

6. Learn with Alexa: My son has an Amazon Echo (Alexa) in his room and he loves it! He uses it to listen to music, listen to stories and ask her questions about everything. It is a great learning tool because after my husband and I taught him how to interact with Alexa, he feels empowered to learn on his own.

7. Play boardgames: We play boardgames for various reasons. - It helps us destress - Brings our family together - Teaches soft skills: teamwork, leadership, how to lose, how to win

Need a planning guide? Click on this link and make a copy of tPop Tech's Learning Planning Guide

As a parent, how we handle this stressful time will teach our kids how to handle stressful times. So, be mindful and focus on what is the most important; health, continuity of learning, and calm.

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