• Anel Albertao

A Teacher's Morning Routine

I am a high school English language development teacher.

I teach remotely. I am grateful I can teach remotely because not everyone can work remotely.

But being remote can have some challenges. The separation of your work self and your home self has blurred and that can make it difficult to focus.

So in order to address some of those challenges I have established a morning routine that helps me transition from from my home self to my work self.

My routine:

  1. I take 30 minutes to an hour for myself. I enjoy getting up early and I use that time for myself. I need it. Especially with everyone being at home all the time. Don't get me wrong I love my family but I enjoy some alone time. Actually we need some alone time, it helps our brains. Read about that here.

  2. I drink coffee. I love the smell of coffee in the house and Dunkin' Donuts coffee Pumpkin Spice flavor is one of my favorites. I order it from Amazon and make a pot at home. It's my own little piece of heaven. And no, Dunkin'Donuts is not paying me to write these words, but if they want to send me some coffee, I'll take it, I am a teacher on a limited budget after all.

  3. I eat breakfast. It is so important to fuel myself. If I don't eat I am irritable, tired and just not a nice person. I enjoy a hard boiled egg, apple slices, a slice of cheese, a slice of prosciutto and a slice of toast. It's a simple and easy to make breakfast. It is also satisfying.

  4. I watch something that makes me feel good or keeps me informed. I like feeling happy and informed because it puts me in a positive state of mind. I need that positivity so I can best help my students. Remote learning is not easy, but it requires educators that can transcend positivity and energy to their students. It's hard but I didn't become a teacher because it is an easy profession. I became a teacher to close a prison.

So what is your routine? Share it with use at tPop Tech.

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