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Everyday Focus on One Thing: 3 Helpful Tips

If you want your kids to keep learning while school is out then focus on one thing you know you can do.

1. start with YOUR STRENGTH:

I love to read, so I am going to make an extra effort in doing reading activities. Check this out: Reading Rockets

If you feel you are strong in math, then teach your kids math. Check this out: Helping your Child with Today's Math

If you enjoy cooking then focus on teaching through cooking. Check this out: Why You Should Teach Your Kids to Cook

If you are good at drawing then teach your child how to draw.

Check this out: Draw a Story: Story Telling Through Drawing

Whatever you, the adult, who is taking care of a child or children feels the most comfortable teaching, then teach that.

2. Ask your CHILD or CHILDREN what they LIKE:

My son loves to play games on his tablet.

Guess what, on his Fire Tablet he has learning games, so I will make sure he plays some of those games.

I will set aside 30 minutes when I will sit with him and ask him to show me how to play two or three of those learning games.

If he is teaching me, he will be more willing to play those games.

Check this out: Best Kids Apps Ages 5-8

3. Go Offline

Set aside 30 or 60 minutes and do something that does not require technology.

It helps develop soft skills

- Play board games

- Play paper and pencil games such as tic-tac-toe or hangman

- Play Pictionary

We can do this! tPop Tech is here to help.

Stay safe and healthy


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