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Remote Teaching: Student Engagement

Q: How might we engage students who are remote?

A: Co-create, with your students, the new rules of classroom engagement

For many students remote learning may have been a bittersweet experience filled with stress or frustration so it's important to co-create the new rules of classroom engagement.

If you want your students to be engaged then you must allow them room to talk about what they are worried about. It will give insight into what they need and want.

You can do this through a class discussion on the first day of school where concerns about remote learning are addressed and clarified.

For example:

You can use these questions to help you understand your student's concerns.

To make it easy you can:

  1. Use Google Forms and create a survey and then see the results by class

  2. Use Poll Everywhere and see the results in class

  3. Create a Google Doc and have students share what they are concerned with while you type it out during class time

The key is that your students share out their concerns and then together you come up with strategies to address the concerns.

Spending time at the beginning of the school year to clarifying the needs and expectation of remote learning makes the school year better.

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