Stay Sane Friend

I am a remote high school English Language Development teacher. It's been a tough year.

So, how might one stay sane?

This is what I do to keep my sanity:

  1. Eat: I need to have at least two good meals a day. So I have a good breakfast and a satisfying lunch. Dinner tends to be light like a tuna sandwich or a salad or a tuna salad (that sounds good for tomorrow). I noticed that when I eat a heavy dinner I have a hard time sleeping and I have indigestion. So, at lunch I have my heaviest meal. Here is an informative article about a heavy lunch and light dinner meal plan.

  2. Shop for groceries online: I buy my groceries online via Walmart (pick-up & delivery), Target (pick-up & delivery) , Amazon and Farm Fresh to You so that: 1) I limit my interactions with people (we are in a COVID-19 reality) 2) Grocery shopping can be another thing that needs to get done and that stresses me out. Online shopping takes the stress away. I order what I want, when I have time and I can pick it up or get it delivered (nice!)

  3. Do something for myself: I do one thing everyday for myself. Nothing big but something that calms me. Examples: - Breathing video: The breathing video below is in Spanish and I use it with my students as a 1 minute SEL activity at the beginning of class. It is a great way to reduce anxiety for my students and me.

Inhala: Inhale. Mantén: Hold your breath Exhala: Exhale

- Playing an instrument:

I used to play the flute when I was in high school. I wasn't very good but I

enjoyed it. I decided to start playing again after I read articles about how music affects the brain. Read about it here and here.

My goal is to play We Wish you a Merry Christmas on Christmas day for

my family.

- Exercise: I like to go for walks. I wear a mask, listen to music or use walking time

as the opportunity to spend time with only my mother (she lives with us)

or only my son or only my husband and reconnect. We can't go out and

have one on one time like before so this is the closest we can get to

it, for now.

What are you doing to stay sane? Share what you do with us at tPop Tech.

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