Stay Sane Friend

I am a remote high school English Language Development teacher. It's been a tough year.

So, how might one stay sane?

This is what I do to keep my sanity:

  1. Eat: I need to have at least two good meals a day. So I have a good breakfast and a satisfying lunch. Dinner tends to be light like a tuna sandwich or a salad or a tuna salad (that sounds good for tomorrow). I noticed that when I eat a heavy dinner I have a hard time sleeping and I have indigestion. So, at lunch I have my heaviest meal. Here is an informative article about a heavy lunch and light dinner meal plan.

  2. Shop for groceries online: I buy my groceries online via Walmart (pick-up & delivery), Target (pick-up & delivery) , Amazon and Farm Fresh to You so that: 1) I limit my interactions with people (we are in a COVID-19 reality) 2) Grocery shopping can be another thing that needs to get done and that stresses me out. Online shopping takes the stress away. I order what I want, when I have time and I can pick it up or get it delivered (nice!)

  3. Do something for myself: I do one thing everyday for myself. Nothing big but something that calms me. Examples: - Breathing video: