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Students Feel What you Teach

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

There's a high school football team in Texas that has players that are all deaf or hard of hearing. This team is going to a football championship during the pandemic.

What I found the most intriguing is how the football coach taught the players to understand what to do. For example, he hits a huge bass drum with a padded baseball bat to make sure the football players do not jump offside. A perfect example of adapting to meet your student's needs.

Watch the video from the Today Show (12/01/20) below:

A lot goes into helping students thrive in school. Though we cannot control our students' home lives nor can we control the reality of the world today but we can control what we do to help our students find success in learning.

I was inspired by this coach and group of students to rethink how I am grading, how I can truly assess my students and to better plan for next semester.

I hope this story helps you find peace and ease any frustrations you are experiencing right now as it has done for me.

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What is one thing you have done or do to help your students thrive? #adpatingmyteaching

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