Teachers It's ok to Change

COVID-19 has changed how we live. It is evident in how the economy has evolved.

For example, small businesses that transitioned to online sales or a hybrid of online sales such as order online and curbside pick-up have had positive results. Read about it here.

But how can schools transition to meet the needs of parents, the economy and their teachers?

Simon Rodberg a former teacher and principal states that, "Teachers report being more stressed as the pandemic goes on, and much more likely to leave the profession than they were before March 2020." He also offers changes in schooling. Read more here. But will society allow schooling to change?

Society as a whole wants kids in school but there are people who do not want to do what is necessary to keep schools open and teachers in the classroom. When did we lose our moral compass?

I am disappointed with parents and political leaders who refuse to vaccinate themselves, their children, support masks in the classroom, and place themselves in situations that could expose them to COVID-19 and contribute to the spread of COVID-19 and pass it on to others. There are some who refuse the new reality we are living in.

I have accepted that I cannot change what others do but I can control myself.

I have come to understand that no one is going to save us. We must save ourselves.

If you are looking to up-skill yourself, transition careers or are curious about remote work let's connect. No strings attached. I am not charging just providing help for teachers who are stressed and want to change but are not sure where to begin.

Complete the Google Form and let's connect!



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