• Anel Albertao

Teachers Technology is but a Tool

Many times I hear people say technology scares them. But technology is just a tool.

A cell phone is a technology and it is a tool we live with, learn through and use to our advantage.

How you use technology is really what we should think about. For example, I like to write so I blog. I use the technology of a laptop and blog creation to share my thoughts. But what I read is really that matters. The content which I digest is what is important. The tool I use to present what I have learned through the act of analyzing and synthesizing the content is the medium of technology.

I write about this because if your content is meaningless then the technology does nothing for you. For example, I came across a great book Woman's True Profession; Voices from the History of Teaching by Nancy Hoffman. It is a wonderful book and example of great content.

This book is about the history of teachers in the United States. I wish I would have read this book when I was in teacher school. It would have helped me better prepare for the type of work teachers have to do especially when woking in low income communities.

I especially enjoyed learning about The Freedman's Book by L. Maria Child a curriculum guide for teachers working with freed slaves. The goal of the curriculum was to teach freed slaves how to read by learning about their history.

This was first time someone created a social justice curriculum and I am inspired by it. In 1865 a woman dared to fight injustices through curriculum. She was brave because White Supremacy was angry they'd lost their source of income, slave labor.

When the Civil War was over southern Whites (rich and poor) lost their income and any power associated with that. They were angry that their power was slowly chipping away. Thus, anyone who interfered with their economic prosperity and power was a problem for them.

Teachers who dared to educate freed slaves were now targets and lynched, even if they were White.

This content I ingested was through the medium of technology, a traditional paperback book (a technology) and an ebook.

My point being technology is but a tool to help students learn. It is the medium by which youth learn and if we want to address and end racist policies or ideas and behaviors and correct the wrongs of the past then we need to include educational technology in our learning experiences at all levels.

So teachers, technology is but a tool. You need to focus on content first. Then think of how you can incorporate technology to support learning.

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