• Anel Albertao

Universal Standard: Inclusive Fashion

What does it mean to be inclusive?

When you think of reading and fashion you do not always make a direct connection to children's books but What Would Fashion Look Like if it Included all of Us by Universal Standard is a great read.

What I love about it is that is makes a conscious effort to make fashion inclusive, Meaning it wants people of all shapes, sizes, colors and background to feel welcomed in to the fashion sphere and empowered through fashion and mindset.

This children's book is powerful and a must have in these homeschooling days.

Here at tPop we decided to read it for our Storytime because it resonates with our mission to help each other out during these uncertain times.

Take a few minutes and join us during storytime. It helps the soul reconnect to one another. #tpoptech #universalstandard #blendedlearning

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