Wake-up America!

I have been reading the book

Schooling Citizens

The Struggle for African American Education in Antebellum America by

Hilary J. Moss and I am struggling to use proper words to describe the disappointment I have with America.

I know America is not perfect, but damn! The horrible, vile and inhumane things that Black people encountered is just mind blowing.

I struggle to understand the hatred that was in the hearts of American citizens who accepted the oppression of people who were brought to a country for the sole purpose of working and making others rich. Slaves fulfilled their role. They made Harvard University rich. They made the southern states rich. They even made Thomas Jefferson rich. So, then how can people who claim to be Christian and God fearing support barbaric treatment of an entire race of people? That is a struggle for me. But, are we any different today?

Politicians still refuse to do what is right for undocumented people in the United States. DACA recipients are still waiting to hear if they will finally have a path to citizenship. African Americans are still asking to be treated as citizens but voting rights are being challenged in various states. #WTF! (sorry, I am struggling). Then there is Facebook, who allows for their products to be used for horrible means, (really Zuckerberg, you can't keep that in check?). I understand we are a capitalist society but at what point do we lose our humanity and allow for money to trump the progress of humanity? You know, the machine stops, eventually. Rome eventually fell apart. Could that happen here too? Perhaps the old racist America is falling apart and a new America is emerging?

I have to admit that in reading about the realties that African Americans have suffered in the United States I feel free. I know a truth so fundamental that I understand why education is so powerful.

Now I want to use this knowledge and find ways to use technology for social justice. The 21st century has been knocking and I am answering the door.

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