What is Freedom?

After reading Freedom’s Journal Volume 2 #2 (You can read it here) and reading Schooling Citizens: The Struggle for African American Education in Antebellum America by Hillary Moss I question, what is freedom?

How does one live when they are free?

For example, a person who is free has access to opportunities to work, to attend school, and to just be an American citizen who is represented in government.

But, can Black people truly be free when those who are in a position of power are the ones who want to keep them away from exerting their political power and prevent their economic and academic evolution?

It seems there are two realities for Black society in the antebellum era, live with a limited humanity or go back to Africa.

I am left with more questions. How is justice served in a post antebellum world? How do the atrocities of the antebellum era shape our 21st century reality? How can I use technology to help address the challenges of a post slavery world? How can these lessons be digested so that they do not repeat?

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