Who You Be?

Feeling like you belong makes a difference in school and at work. Personally, I've experienced that when I make an effort to learn about my colleagues or students they are open to having new experiences.

This year I tried a new activity to get to know my students: Word Clouds. My students created word clouds of who they are so that they can: 1. Reflect on who they are.

2. Learn how to create a word cloud.

3. Learn how to embed their word cloud creation on to their English portfolio. 4. Get to know their classmates better. 5. Become Robot Proof.

There are many ways to create word clouds but when you are working with young adults who are learning how to create a digital product then you have to create a positive experience. Thus, I used wordart.com for word cloud creation. It's free and easy to use.

Their word clouds went on the homepage to their English portfolio. It is amazing to read what they say about themselves.

Some of my student's word cloud creations:

So, who you be? Try making a word cloud and I dare you to share it. #tpoptech #edtech #robotproof

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